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In this edition, you'll find the best offers to discover the best of Belize's Jungle and Beach. Please follow this simple instructions:

OK, get me to the virtual fair! +

Works in Windows, Linux and Mac

If you are using Android or iOS devices, please use the top menu to see the companies profiles.

On desktops or laptops please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as web browser.

Be Patient

Good things are cooked slowly ...
The first time you enter the virtual environment, it will take a while to load (up to 3 to 4 minutes depending on your internet speed connection)... but the wait is worth it!

Don't need to be a geek!

Once inside the virtual environment, just use your arrow keys to move around, and your mouse to click over the elements you'll find in the stands.

Just click on the image below to start your Virtual Fair Experience.

Click the image to start your Virtual Fair Experience!

Go Now!

If you want to see if there is someone available to speak (on June 29 - 30), click on the avatar inside the booth

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What is a Virtual Expo?

A virtual expo or fair is a live event that takes place in an online environment; it stays live online for a limited period of time. The event is equivalent to a conventional tradeshow, except exhibitors and visitors connect with each other via the Internet, regardless of geographic location, to exchange valuable information.

How does it Work?

Both exhibitors and attendees will register at www.belizevirtualexpo.com . Similar to any trade show, your virtual experience will start in the lobby or foyer of the show. The platform is generally 3-Dimensional and allows you to have a complete 360 Degree view of the trade show hall. You’ll have the choice to enter sessions, select sessions from different tracks, exit a session and browse the exposition hall and even network with peers and live chat sessions. Visitors to the booth will use the arrow keys on their keyboards to move from booth to booth. They are able to move forward, backward, turn left or right to go anywhere in the showroom, visit the exhibition stands, the information center, etc.